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How to stay ahead of the pack



After, undoubtedly, one of the most turbulent and uncertain years any of us may remember, we are fast-approaching the end of the Government’s restrictions on the 12th June.

Following what has been a very unsettling time in so many ways, it is now time for reflection and for us to focus on what lies ahead in the coming months. One of the things we at PWF have found to be most important is to support others through the disruption that the pandemic has caused, and for many, is still causing. Throughout the last year, our main purpose has been to offer support and guidance to our Trusted Installers - and the feedback we have been given is that we have managed to do just that.

As an industry, we should consider ourselves very lucky. After an uncertain couple of months back in March 2020, we have been able to carry on trading in what has resembled some form of ‘normality’. It has been a time to consider what is important and ensure you continue to operate effectively and deliver on what your customers need.

The road map for the remainder of 2021 is a very tricky one to evaluate, but we hope that our Trusted Installers’ order books remain reasonably full. It is vital, now more than ever, that you focus on the right areas to help maximise sales. With consumer demand spiralling for increased light, space and security, it is your products that offer the easy, readymade solutions.

Specific product types that are witnessing spikes in consumer interest should not be ignored, even if your current product range is selling well. Solid roof conservatories, roof lanterns, smart locks, garden rooms, integral blinds, flush sash windows, automatic openings, coloured windows and doors are all experiencing significant market traction. However, it’s not just physical products that should hold your attention; procedures surrounding sales and marketing activity have also changed over the last year.

In terms of sales, the world has temporarily changed. Those committed to digital sales and marketing would argue that the digital revolution is stronger than ever. Remote selling has been an interesting and invaluable tool, and for some it will remain a key part of their operation. Full advantage has been taken of social media - to the point where it has become an extremely competitive and saturated environment. The big challenge is how to create trust in the digital world.

Sales teams want physical engagement, as one of our Trusted Installers told me recently: “I want to look into a customer’s eyes and gain their trust. Zoom is a fantastic tool, however, I always ask, would you marry someone from a Zoom meeting?”. There is something missing; human interaction and a level of trust.”. Sitting in a customer’s living room interacting with the family pet or flicking through a magazine or brochure both adhere to the human need for physical engagement. There is a call for patience in so many aspects of our business lives and change is important for survival, but we must also remember not to ignore tried and tested methods that help to gain trust.

To remain competitive, you must deliver better or cheaper products. As an industry, we are certainly not in a position where we should be chasing lower prices, but what we can do is offer a more tailored, personalised service.

A part of that service, arguably as important as the product that you offer, is the trust you build into the relationship you have with your customers. A good relationship will bring recommendations and repeat business, a key part of any successful company.

Many of our Trusted Installers have been with us for a number of years and in that time we have been on hand to provide support and guidance, which in-turn has built long and trusting relationships. Use our ‘symbiotic’ relationship, to strengthen yours with your customers, promoting the long-term protection that they have with our combined partnership. This will be an important part of your continued growth and will help you to maximise sales; crucial if you want to remain ahead of the pack.

Why not talk to our marketing team who can provide great value design and marketing solutions to help you build trust in your brand and engage with your customers, both online and offline.

E-Mail us at and a member of the team will be in touch...

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