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Business Support for You, Insurance Backed Guarantees and Deposit Protection for Your Customers

When making the decision to invest in home improvements, your customers want to be sure they’re choosing an Installer they can trust, not only to provide a quality installation, but to honour their product guarantee which will protect them for years to come. Of-course, we don’t know what the future holds for any business. As a PWF Trusted Installer, your customers are in good hands even if you cease to trade for any reason, and this peace of mind is invaluable to homeowners when making the decision to invest in home improvement products.


We’ll work closely with you to ensure that you have total confidence in the insurance products you provide to your customers.

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Strengthen your business and streamline your administration with PWF:

  • Simple, clear policies with no hidden charges
  • Fixed price insurance premiums
  • Inclusive deposit protection
  • Free policy amendments including FENSA changes
  • Transferable insurance policies
  • Dispute resolution, together with an independent survey which can be arranged if required
  • Competitive business insurance
  • Flexible finance packages
  • Arbitration and mediation with support from our technical team
  • Installations registered directly with FENSA
  • Business advice and marketing support
  • Commercial cover

....and with simple, transparent pricing, membership offers great value for money.

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Window Fitting

What do we cover?

Our policies protect the installation of PVC-u, aluminium, hardwood, softwood and composite windows, doors, conservatories, replacement roofs and roofline products as well as solar panels and the ever-expanding range of photovoltaic electrical generation systems for a period of 10 years.

I'm with PWF because...

Registering installations with FENSA is quick and easy as they do it for us through their online registration system.

Mid Kent Windows Ltd

Their simple fixed-price premiums take the stress out of quoting and help me manage my cashflow.

Elglaze Ltd

Top questions our Installers ask us

What is Deposit Protection Insurance?

Deposit Protection Insurance will protect the Policyholder against the unforeseen costs that might be incurred in respect of a lost Deposit payment, in the event that the Contractor that the Policyholder contracted with has Ceased Trading, and as a consequence, the Contractor is unable to complete the Proposed Works.

To settle a Claim, PWF will arrange for the completion of the Proposed Works by an alternative company. The Policyholder will be required to pay the outstanding balance that remains in their possession to their new Installer (up to the financial limits of the Policy).

What is an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

An Insurance Backed Guarantee is designed to protect Customers against unforeseen costs that they may incur in order to rectify a Defect in the Insured Works, or to rectify a breach of the Building Regulations in the Insured Works, in the event that the original Contractor that installed the Insured Works has Ceased Trading and is unable to honour their obligations to their Customers.

Why do I need to provide this cover?

Insurance Backed Guarantees provide complete protection to your Customers.

When making the decision to invest in home improvements, your Customers want to be sure they’re choosing an Installer they can trust, not only to provide a quality Installation, but to honour their product guarantee which will protect them for years to come.

As a PWF Trusted Installer, your Customers are in good hands even if you Cease to Trade for any reason, and this peace of mind is invaluable to Homeowners when making the decision to invest in home improvement products.

What does ‘Ceased Trading’ mean?

Ceased Trading means ceasing to Trade by reason of Liquidation (whether voluntary or involuntary), Receivership, Administration, Strike-Off or Dissolution in respect of a Limited company, Bankruptcy, Retirement, total incapacity or death of the principal(s) in the case of a Sole Trader or Partnership, or any other reason where suitable proof can be exhibited to Us and/or AIUK to confirm that the Contractor is no longer Trading in any shape or form.

When does the cover start and end?

Deposit Protection Insurance cover becomes effective on the date that You take a Deposit Payment from your Customer for the provision of the Proposed Works, and cover is effective for a period of 60 days.

Insurance Backed Guarantee cover becomes effective on the Completion Date, which is detailed on the Certificate of Insurance, and runs for a period of 10 years.

How do I join PWF?

To apply for membership as a PWF Trusted Installer, click Join Us to complete the short application form. After receiving your application, we’ll be in touch.

How do I register my Contracts with PWF?

Simply apply for your Customer’s Insurance cover via our Installer Portal. If you need help, please download a copy of our Installer Portal Guide (available in PDF format) from your Dashboard once logged in.

Can I view or get a copy of the Policy of Insurance?

Yes, you can view existing Deposit and Installation Policies via our Installer Portal.

Will I be charged a non-usage fee?

No, we do not charge a non-usage fee. Your annual issue of Insurance applications are allocated to your account for you to use when required and payment for these Policies is spread over your 12 month Membership period, meaning you pay the same amount each month irrespective of the number of Policies issued.

Am I charged for amendments or cancellations?

We do not charge for amendments or cancellations. In addition, for our Members who are FENSA registered and we submit Installations on their behalf, we will inform FENSA of the amendment or cancellation at no extra charge to you. However, if a replacement FENSA certificate is produced, FENSA may well charge you for this.

How and when will my Customer receive their Policy Documents?

Once an Insurance Policy is active, your Customer will receive a welcome e-mail as confirmation, inviting them to log in to our Homeowner Portal.

From here, they’ll be able to download their Insurance certificate, read the full Terms and Conditions relating to their cover and download a copy of our Homeowner Pack.

To ensure the welcome e-mail is sent out, you’ll need to provide Us with your Customer’s e-mail address when registering the Installation.

If your Customer does not have an e-mail address, you will be provided with a default PWF e-mail address, which means that the Installations will be notified to Us and we will arrange for your Customer’s Policy Documents to be sent to them in the post.

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