Plastics Window Federation  
  Taking care of your Installation
  The following guidelines will assist in keeping your installed units looking good and working efficiently for many years to come.  

After a heavy shower of rain, you may find some water laying in the bottom of your door and window frames. This is nothing to worry about as this will drain away through the drainage holes in the base.

  Lead Work  

As with any new lead work, when exposed to rain it will start an oxidisation process which shows as white or mottled staining on the lead work. When this process is complete, the lead will be dark grey in colour and will no longer stain. This process will take a few months to complete.


Twice a year, spray WD40 into all the locks and on any metal to metal surfaces around your doors and windows. This will help keep them operating smoothly.

  Cleaning PVC-U Frames  

Never use anything abrasive, this will scratch the surface which will trap the dirt. Wash the frames with a mild solution of washing-up liquid. If any stubborn marks remain, lightly rub with PVC-U creme cleaner.


Any type of glass cleaner is suitable, except where Rytec Clearsheild has been used or where any self-cleaning glass has been installed, refer to manufacturers instructions.

  Building Work - Conservatory Bases  

As with any new building work, a period of 'drying out' is necessary. Please ensure maximum air circulation and ventilation during this time to assist the process. To test if a floor is 'dry' lay a square carpet on the floor overnight. If the floor is dry when the carpet is lifted, the process is complete. Never be tempted to use electric or gas fires to speed-up the 'drying-out', as this is dangerous.


To ensure a draught free door, please remember to keep the door in the locked position. This will achieve a tight fit on to the draught seals.

  Remember, that after buying your house, having windows and doors installed is the next biggest investment you will make so LOOK AFTER THEM!  
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