Plastics Window Federation  
  The Federation
  The Federation  

The Plastics Window Federation is proudly represented by its members throughout the whole of the UK and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Members of the Federation have been selected from companies large and small that provide domestic, commercial and industrial customers with replacement window, door and conservatory installations of consistently superior quality.

  Key Aims and Objectives  

To protect the general public as an independent body when purchasing home improvement products from its members, should they cease trading.


To ensure, to the best of the Federationís ability, that its members follow the membership rules laid down by the Federation.


To provide advice and information to consumers as to recommended systems and installation methods.


To offer an independent survey in cases where a dispute has occurred between the customer and the member company.


TTo ensure that protection within the terms of the policy of insurance is given to the customer in the event of a member company not being able to honour its own guarantee due to ceasing to trade.


  The Need for the Federation  

For many years the general public were not protected to a satisfactory degree. Companies have offered a guarantee but some have not been able to fulfil their obligations throughout its entire duration due to liquidation or ceasing to trade.


In the event that a customer needs to raise an issue with a Federation member, the Federation will act as arbitrator/mediator with the installing member company to assist in bringing the complaint to a mutually satisfactory conclusion.

The Plastics Window Federation is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under registration number 308158.




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