Plastics Window Federation  
  The Customer
  The Customer  

Members of the Federation have been thoroughly vetted and their customers may be assured that they are totally dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction with every installation carried out.


Each member has demonstrated sound business management, financial stability and a commitment to maintain those standards required by the Federation.

Member companies are indeed the elite within the industry and they have at their disposal at all times our complete range of services to be offered to all customers.


The Plastics Window Federation is the only organisation to offer a comprehensive examination of the ability of members' sales staff to answer the wide range of questions posed by potential customers.

  Deposit Indemnity Scheme  

All customers of member companies can rest assured that the Federation's Deposit Indemnity Scheme protects them against loss of deposit they pay in accordance with the terms and conditions prevailing in the Policy of Insurance.


Under the Deposit Indemnity Scheme, in the unlikely event that the member is unable to complete the work due to ceasing to trade, the Federation ensures that the outstanding work is completed to the original specification or as near as possible, at no additional cost.

  FENSA / Certass  

The Federation registers installations with FENSA or Certass to comply with building regulations free of charge.

  PWF Advantage  

PWF Members now have automatic access to a finance facility providing Home Improvement loans for their customers.


The facility will be available to all members irrespective of size or expected volume of finance business.

  Customer Complaints Procedure  

In the event of you having a complaint against a member of the Federation, follow the procedure below.


Write to the Federation address (on the 'contact us' page) giving the following information.


Name of the company in question, details of the complaint, date the order was placed, date when the work was carried out, address at which the installation was carried out, address at which you can be contacted, telephone numbers Day/Evening.


What steps you have already taken to obtain satisfaction from the company, and what, if anything, they have done.

The criteria for insurance is that the installation has been completed by a member company and that the products installed were those constructed from PVC-U / Aluminium profiles.


Once an installation is completed the member installing company will make an online application for insurance.

The Federation will make application to the insurance company for acceptance.

The Federation will provide, online to the member installer, confirmation of acceptance.

The member installer will download the certificate of insurance and policy terms and forward to the customer.

Should the certificate not be received within 14 days of completion of works notification should be sent in writing to the Federation.

Once you have received your Certificate of Insurance please keep it in a safe place with your contract as these documents will be required in the events of a claim being made.

  If you would like to discover more about the Federation and its member companies Contact Us.  
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